lvThis is going to be “girlish” post.
Recently I have a haunting idea to have a new dress… skater dress. Like this:


But it isn’t too easy to find: “this one is too short”, “this one has wrong skirt shape”, and this one… well, “it just doesn’t fit right”. It is terrible that you have an image of something in your mind how it supposed to be looking (or you saw it somewhere in the movie) and can’t find it! The most depressing part that I know that “my dress” should be pretty simple overall. Something like this is really close to what I want, but I want a grey/black/white color, bit longer and with small size pattern (probably squares) and more wide shoulder-bands should be nice:


Same story I had with electric blue hills and red hills. I found the first ones after couple months of searching, but still they aren’t exactly as I imagined. The red ones… still in process… and it have been two years since I had an idea.

And now I want green hills… Don’t even want to start searching for them 🙂